BA English Video Lecture: Short Story, The New Constitution

This is our 1st lecture about The New Constitution. The New Constitution is very interesting story written in Urdu by Saadat Hassan Manto and translated into English and added in syllabus of BA English. In this lecture we will see the main character of the story, Ustad Mangu, the Tangawala.

It is central character of the story, an illiterate person, but due to his sharp mind he get a lot of knowledge about worldly matter and is very famous among his friends. Whenever his is, free, all his friends gather around him to listen new stories about current affairs from him. He hates the Gora Soldiers and tells them that are ruling on his countries against the will of Indians.

You will get many other things in this lectures I have explained briefly and told why Ustand Mangu hate and how did he get information about the The New Constitution from different passengers who traveled and what is the significance of The New Constitution in his point of view

now Watch his Video and Enjoy

New Constitution 1st lecture by Liaqat007

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