BA English Video Lecture: New Year Resolutions

 Video Lecture on the poem of New Year Resolutions written by Elizabeth Sewell with explanation and critical analysis

Elizabeth Sewell was born in India of English parents and schooled in England with a Degree in Modern Languages from Cambridge University. She visited the States in 1949 and became an American citizen in 1973. She now lives and works in the USA. She also visited Pakistan and delivered a lecture on “Creative Writing” at Kinnaird College in 1988.

New Year Resolution is traditionally the time of making resolution of taking stock of our lives and resolving extraordinary resolution that of facing and living with associated with drinking wine but here she is going to drink in quiet, as a mean of clearing herself. The nature of reality is uncomfortable; hence the use of the image of “bony arms”… but here will be comfort drawn from a resolution fulfilled.

new year resolutions explanation by Liaqat007

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