BA English Urdu Translation with Video Lecture: Rappaccini’s Daughter, Lecture No 3

This is very important lecture of the story Rappaccini’s Daughter, in which we see some main points of the story as:

The start of love between Beatrice and Giovanni with 1st conversation of Giovanni and Beatrice

Giovanni’s observation about the flowers that die in Beatrice’s hands

Climax of love, daily love meetings between Beatrice and Giovanni

Giovanni’s passionate feeling for Beatrice and sweet dreams of Giovanni for Beatrice and her meeting

 Bagloini’s 2nd meeting with Giovanni and his warning to Giovanni to fall in prey of Rappaccini

Rappaccini;s encounter on the road and observing Giovanni deeply for his experiments

Judgment of Bagloini with his watchful eyes and informing Giovanni the plan of Rappaccini

As we know the Giovanni was now in full of love and every time dreamed about Beatrice after 1st meeting. Sometime he was so much disturbed with his feeling of love that he ran beyond the gates of the cities to relieve himself from such passionate feeling of love. It was now his daily routine to sit infront of window to was Beatrice every time and completely forgot the real purpose of arrival in this city.

One he in his same feeling he was crossing the road when suddenly he was caught by Professor  Patro Bagloini and he judged that Giovanni has been fallen of love when he spoke with Dr. Bagloini. When they were talking each other, the saw Dr. Rappaccni crossing the road, having greeted with Dr. Bagloini but same time also observed Giovanni.  Dr. Bagloini at once judged the look of Dr. Rappaccini that he has special interest in Giovanni and he has been watching and observing Giovanni too. So he warned Giovanni about his look and observation and also told that Rappaccini has special interest in his to use him for his new experiment,. though Giovanni did not believe his this type of judgement.



Rappaccini’s daughter lecture 3 by Liaqat007

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