BA English Short Story: The Happy Prince, 4th Video Lecture

This is last lecture of the story The Happy Prince, where we will see the ending scenes of the story. We will see how did The Happy Prince helped the poor people of his city and how did the life of people changed from poverty to prosperity. The Happy Prince did not care of his beauty and he delivered all the gold gilded to his body to the poor people and they became happy and the faces of the poor children grew rosier and they played in the streets happily. When all the gold delivered to the poor people, The Happy Prince seemed very ugly so mayor decided to make a new statue with its material and he melted him in furnace. God gave the best reward to The Happy Prince and the swallow to order one of His angels to bring the most precious things from the earth and he brought the heart of The Happy Prince and the swallow to the heaven.

This part of the The Happy Prince gives us a moral lesson, that we try to help the poor, we can get real relief of life and our spirit can get real peace of life, and this type of kindness will reward us from Allah and give the place in Jannah, were we will live forever and no any misery will come to us forever.

Now watch he video for complete details and critical analysis:

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