BA English Short Stories, The Breakfast Urdu Translation, 2nd Video

The Breakfast is very famous story in BA English short stories written by   John Steinbeck,the famous and religious writer in early 20th century.  He wrote many fictions.  The Breakfast is one of his master piece of writing.  You will see in this video lecture how beautifully the villagers served the narrator and how generously the welcomed his and offered him to go for cotton picking with them. The narrator was much impressed to see the portrait of their acute poverty making reader too, fully conscious of the human feelings and predicament. He has a dream of the self-sufficiency of the individual man which he very successfully illustrates in this story  The Breakfast. The beauty and simplicity of the poor God-fearing people living upon cotton-picking, a seasonal labor, has made this story pleasant account of favorable conditions for them. The reader gets passionately involved.

Though they were very poor and led very poor life, yet they their heart were very loving and broad. The not only served him but also offered the writer to go with them for the cotton picking. We see in this lecture that they have very simple pots for breakfast made with tin and they were able to wear the fine dresses and good meal only in cotton picking season, yet they never regret to their luck and always thank to God in any condition.
Now watch and listen the lecture carefully so that you can understand the real meaning of and the theme of this lecture.

The last remarks of this lecture, are telling “That’s all. I know, of course some of the reasons why it was pleasant. But there was some element of the great beauty there that makes the rush of warmth when I think of it.”

breafast 2nd part by Liaqat007

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