BA English Short Stories, Take Pity 2nd Video Lecture

This is 2nd Video Lecture of the short story take pity, where you will find that how Rosen tells his story about Eva to Davidov. He tells how did Rosen met with Excel Kalish and sold a bag of coffee and how did he die in his feet. Rosen told how did he take pity to his wife (Eva) and her two daughters and then tried to help Eva in different way and suggested her to leave the shop, and run away.
After the death Rosen to take pity on Eva and her children, suggested to run away here so that save her life as this was the most dangerous place, but she did not agree with him. She got thousand dollars from an insurance company. She decided to run here husband business again and restore the store again. So she mopped the floor, polished the cans and decorated the window to look better. She bought all new items to restore the store. 
Every thing looked better, but who came to that area, only few customers use to come, only those who forget to buy anything from superstores and now they needed to buy it again.

take pity 2nd lecture by Liaqat007

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