BA English Punjab University: Paper B, A Letter of Application on Rash Driving

Write a letter of Application to the editor of a local newspaper about the problem of “Rash Driving”.


Examination Hall,

City A.B.C.             

February 6, 2010.  

The Editor,

Daily ‘Jang’,

Davies Road,


Subject: Report about the problem of ‘Rash Driving’ in the city.

Respected Sir,

                          With profound (گہری) and humble (عا جزانہ) submission (اطاعت گذاری) I entreat (التجا کرنا) to enunciate (اظہار کرنا) that with reference (حوالہ)   to an earlier accident that caused a loss of two precious (قیمتی) lives of the people. I would like to draw your attention towards these serious lives of the people. Drivers, especially, bus and wagon drivers drive in the most rash and reckless manner and don’t care for the lives of the other pedestrians (پیدل) or bicycle or motorcycle riders. Thus proves a menace (خطرہ) to the society. So, on behave of your news paper, I would like to suggest that such drivers licenses must be confiscated (ختم کرنا) and put the drivers behind the bars they could never put other’s lives in danger.

Thanks in anticipation. (توقع)

Yours Truly,



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