BA English PU, The New Constitution Urdu Translation Lecture No 1

This is first lecture of short story The New Constitution, we will see some main points in this lecture like:

Character of Ustad Mangu Tonga-wala,

Ustad Mangu’s Basic education and his inner nature,

Ustad Mangu’s knowledge about worldly matters

Ustad Mangu’s hatred about British soldiers and reason of his hatred.

Ustad Mangu’s expression about Gora soldiers ( the name he used for them due to alliterate person)

Ustad Mangu’s expression and reason why Hindustan is in riots and violence every day.

The names that Ustad Mangu used to say for Gora soldiers like lepers, monkeys and white mice.

See the Video Lecture and enjoy Urdu translation of the short story The New Constitution.

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New Constitution 1st lecture by Liaqat007

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