BA English Poetry, Patriot into Traitor, 2nd Video

This is 2nd Video lecture of the Patriot into Traitor, in which the poet discusses about the decline of his age, when people are committing atrocities to his and forgetting every thing of his golden period when he was patriot and did everything for his people. But as he now being hanged and will reach to Allah, he is very optimist that he will get reward from Allah of his struggles and sacrifices for people.

Browning through his dramatic monologue , has captured the mood of disillusionment and frustration of a leader who was considered a hero yesterday, but due to an unfortunate political upheaval has been branded as traitor. The tragic downfall is pitiable and now commended by the people, he his now waiting the reward from God on the day of judgment on his past sacrifices that he did for his people but he was not rewarded for his good work.

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