BA English Poem, One Art, Critical Analaysis

Elizabeth, in her poem One Art preaches Zeno’s great philosophy of stoicism. It is the inculcation (increasing) of the spirit of acceptance and resignation. The poetess has beautifully blended satire, humour and irony to get the desired impact. The technique used by her is to make the trivial (unimportant), unserious and insignificant.

The poetess suggests the leader to seek the art of losing. It is an easy art to learn. She emphasizes that the true art of losing should help us to inculcate a spirit of acceptance and resignation. The poetess discusses the losses from the little to the great. Whether there is a little loss or a great loss, it should be borne. The loss of door keys or the loss of an empire should be taken in one stride with smiling face and stout heart. She explains a lot of losses in her own life.

In this way a defeat or disaster loses its bitterness and gives us hope and strength to look ahead. She discusses the poem in an ironical way, but the idea is very effective. The most trifling incidents and the great disaster should be face without tears. The poetess is conveying a great art to the reader. The art of losing, in fact,  means to live life, hoping for the best and to be ready to face and ace[t the worst. The poetess conveys her message quite successfully.

The tone of the poetess is mocking and non-serious. The mood is also non-serious. The poetess has used everyday diction. The syntax of the poem is strong. The poem, One Art is subjective. The central idea of the poem is universal.      

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