BA English Paper B, Application to the City Corporation or (WASA) for Water Supply

Write an Application to the City Corporation or (WASA) to make arrangement for regular water supply to your area.


                                                                                                                                                        The CEO,

                                                                                                                                                        WASA, Lahore,


Subject: “Request for the arrangement for the regular supply of water to your area.”

Honorable Sir,

With profound (گہری) and humble (عا جزانہ) submission (اطاعت گذاری) to enunciate (اظہار کرنا) that our area where we reside in is densely (گنجان آباد) populated but under progress as there are all utility (فائدہ مند) services available like electricity, water, telephone and gas. But there is a problem that still exists in spite of these all facilities that the water arrangements of our area are very poor and irregular. Although, there are enough water tanks for the storage of water, yet people often have to face the problem of shortage of water and its solution is our inevitable(قابلِ توقع)  need. So, I kindly request you to install one or two tube wells in our vicinity so that our water needs may be fulfilled. I hope that you will take my application under your kind consideration.

                                                          Thanks in anticipation.

                                                          Yours Truly,

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