BA English Paper B, Adjective: Definition and Degrees

Adjective: A word which adds something to the meaning of noun or pronoun is called adjective.

ایسا لفظ جو نائون یا پرونائون کے معنی مایں اضافہ کرے

  1. She is pretty girl.
  2. The brave man killed a dangerous snake.

Degrees of Adjective:

  1. Positive Degree: It simply expresses a quality.
    1. She is a tall girl.
    2. He is a wise person.
  2. Comparative Degree: It is used when we compare two persons or things.
    1. She is taller than Rubina.
    2. He is wiser than his older brother.
  3. Superlative Degree: It is used when we compare one person with all other persons or things of same kinds.
    1. She is the tallest girl in the college.
    2. He is the wisest of all his brothers.

Note: Sometime superlative degree don’t need to compare with other persons or things, it shows highest degree.

  1. She is the prettiest girl
  2. He is the best singer.

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