BA English Paper, A Letter to Manager of Road Transport Company

Write a letter to your Manager Road Transport Company for Concession in Bus Fare.

Examination Hall,

City A.B.C.

15th February, 2015.


The Managing Director,

Daewoo Transport Company,

Feroz Pur Road,


 Subject: “Earn request for concession in the Bus Fare”.

Honorable Sir,

With profound (گہری) and humble (عا جزانہ) submission (اطاعت گذاری) to enunciate (اظہار کرنا) that you said Transport Company is operating nicely, in your city under the franchised (منظور شدہ) scheme but its fare is not affordable for the multitude.(اکثریت کیلئے)  So, I kindly request you to reconsider your fare so that the passengers of the lower class may also benefit from this comfortable transport facility. In this way, your goodwill and the trust in the eyes of the people will also be increased. I hope that you will consider my application with a positive eye and alleviate (کم کرنا) your fares in the order to facilitate the nonprofessional.

                                                                   Thanks in anticipation.

                                                                   Yours Truly,


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