BA English Paper A 2014, Solved

BA English Paper A, Group 1:

Note: All parts of question may be attempted together otherwise you may not get any credit. Over-attempts will not given any credit whatsoever:

Q No 1: Explain with reference to the contest any three of the following:


will lie o’ nights

In the bony arms

of reality and be comforted


Reference: These lines have been taken for the poem "New Year Resolution" written by Elizabeth Swell. 
Context: The poetess writes about the New Year resolutions before start of the New Year. The process of self-examination ennobles and purifies one's soul. The poetess wants to take stock of her past misdeeds and wrong flaws (غلطیاں) in reaction manner. She wants to lead a perfect and better life than previous year.


Poetess personifies reality. She is determined to face reality. Despite, she will lie with reality at night and be comfortable, but the poetess is determined that she will face reality. When she faces reality, she will be better, and there will be comfort drains from resolution fulfilled.
            Reality is always bitter and it very difficult to face reality. We feel poetess' determination and resolution to face the reality. 


and then the lover

sighing like a furnace

with a woeful ballad

Made to his mistress eyebrow



These lines have been taken from ' All the World's a Stage' written by William Shakespeare. 


The poet discusses the seven stages of a man's life in this world from babyhood to extreme old age.


The third role or age is very important. He becomes a lover and sighs like a furnace. He writes and reads sad poems for his mistress eyebrows. This age, this is role or age is for a soldier. He has strange oaths about his life and others. Man searches for respect and dignity. He is ready to take any risk for the sake of respect. 
The great Shakespeare has universally mentioned the third stage. This stage performs a vital role in every one’s life. Passions and feelings are at the open in this stage. The fourth role is also very important. He is always ready to show himself even at the cost of his life. 
Shakespeare is no doubt, the greatest dramatist and the poet of the world. He is not a poet of renaissance (rebirth) but of all ages. He observes man and life very closely.



My eyes permitted no change

I am going to keep things like this


These lines have been taken from the poem Hawks Monologue written by Ted Hudges:
Context: This poem is about those arrogant and proud elements of society who incorrectly think themselves to be the purpose and reason of creation.
They are intoxicated with abilities and powers so much so that they think that they run the affairs around the world with their own powers.


These are last two lines of the poem, in these lines hawk shows his power that everything is in his command and nobody can deny or reject his command. He says that he does not allow any other birds to change his way or style. Every bird has to follow his orders and every thing is according to his order and need no change as he does not allow them to change anything.In his rules all the things are going to keep same as they are without any change. 
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