BA English Online Video Lecture: The Killers, Lecture No 3


In this lecture we will see the real purpose of the killers:

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Telling the reason of Killing Ole Andreson

The Waiting for Ole Andreson

Characters of Al and Max , their professionalism showing the they are professional killers

Their departure without killing Ole Andreson

Their impact on the minds of members of lunchroom.

In this lecture we see the killers now after gagging the staff members of lunch, Max talked with George to and informed the real purpose of their arrival. He also informed howl schedule of Ole Andreson to come in the lunchroom. He also appreciated the qualities of George when he dealt with the customers and performed his role like and cook and showed now sign of any terror against the killers. Max also explained that they have no personal revenge at all to Kill Ole Andreson, but only they want to kill him to oblige their friend, show that they very professional killers and they could kill anybody without any purpose. They have no human value and this shows that were hired for killing the Old.We also judge the character of both killers as they were showing no any horror and controlled the whole situation of the lunchroom very carefully and wisely.

When after long wait, they were sure that Ole will not come now, departed they made the atmosphere of lunchroom full of horror and terror, and when George went to untie Nick and Sam, Sam was completely frightened and now he was deciding to leave this place suddenly not to see any such incident in future. When George told Nick to inform Old all this matter, here also Sam forbade his to handle this matter in this way and stay way out of it, but Nick went to inform Old Anderson.

Now watch the Video lecture of the story for more details:

The killers 3rd Lecture by Liaqat007

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