Rappaccini’s Daughter, 6th Video Lecture of Urdu Translation, Death Scene

This is Last Lecture of Rappaccini’s Daughter, in which we see end and Death Scene of the story:

In this video lecture we see a tragic scene where

  1. Firstly Giovanni blame Beatrice to make him poisonous
  2. Using the bitter and heart words had deep effect on Beatrice heart,
  3. She proved herself an innocent and perfect beloved when Giovanni showed Anti-poison to drink both and leave the world forever, she got and drank herself and asked Giovanni to see the result first on her
  4. In the meantime Dr. Rappaccini came to show the secret of her plan to made Giovanni Poisonous.
  5. He also informed Beatrice about his victory to make both Beatrice and Giovanni poisonous and dangerous for the world and most beautiful to one an other.
  6. At the same time Beatrice died due to anti-poison in front  of Rappaccini and Giovanni and Dr. Rappaccini’s plan failed:

Let us see some details of these points which you will learn in video lecture. After indication of Dr.Baglioini that he has become poisonous and now it is time to save you as the poison has not entered fully into his system and Giovanni also proved himself with withed flowers in his hands and dying of insects in front of Beatrice, he blamed Beatrice that all this was done by her. She accepted this but also clarified that she was not responsible for all this as her father made him poisonous, and her soul and love is pure for him. Now Giovanni provided his antidote to drink both and get rid of all poison and evils that her father entered to his system as well as in his system.

She was innocent and also faithful so she told him to give her this anti-poison so she will drink and he will await the result. Thus when Rappaccini also came for his victory that he has made both of them Beatrice and Giovanni poisonous, and was very happy the anti poison started its affect in her body and she died saying, “I would rather have been love, not feared”. So, she died in-front of the feet of her father and Giovanni.  So the story ends with Death Scene of Beatrice.

Watch the Video of Urdu translation of these points so that you may understand clearly

Rappaccini’s daughter 6th lecture by Liaqat007

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