BA English Online: Poem, Women Work, Explanation

This is Video Lecture of the famous poem in BA English Punjab University, the Women Work. Maya Angelou is an American woman born in St. Louis on 4th April 1928. She was Educated at schools in Arkansas and California. She was very capable woman able to speak 5 languages Italian, French, Spanish, Arabic and Fanti. She worked as dancer, actress, singer, composer, author, poetess, playwright , journalist, teacher, TV host, and interviewer.

In the poem Woman work, a women gives vent to disgust for the dull drab life of doing domestic chores. But the drudgery     of the mechanical routine has not suppressed her capacity to indulge om dreams pf an ideal life. She yearns to participate in nature around her. She longs for the blessings sunshine and rain to give her sustenance and strength to live. She wishes to lose and find herself in nature, mountain, ocean, leaf and stone, stars shine, moon glow to give a touch of joy and poetry to her ordinary prosaic life.

women work by Liaqat007

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