BA English Online: The Killers

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In our 1st Video Lecture on the short story the Killers, we will discuss some main points as:

  1. The arrival of the Killers
  2. Their way of sitting that made the members of lunchroom suspicious
  3. Their demand of wrong dishes that are not available in the specific time
  4. Their ridiculous talking style and behavior with the members of lunchroom.
  5. The environment of suspense and horror
  6. Their get up and dress style, their physical appearance
  7. This inquiry about the name of town that also create suspense

The Killers after entering the lunch room,despite sitting on dining chairs, sat on the stools near the counter and created suspense to surprise the staff of the lunchroom. Then they demanded the menu to have an order of something to eat. This was the time of supper, but they intentionally, demanded wrong dishes available at 6 o clock. At this time they also misbehaved the staff and spoke very rudely, saying ” what the do you put in on the card for.. oh the hell with the clock”  This thing created horror and terror towards the members of lunchroom. They also black overcoats and derby hats and see to twins by the get ups.   One more inserting things appears, that they even did not know the name of place, so we conclude that some one hired them and then dropped them to the targeted point to kill the required person who use to come here. They also use some interesting names to taunt the staff and showed their professionalism.

Their out look showed that they were the general citizen of the town to have dinner to that lunch room, but we cannot conclude initially as they don’t show any signs of their real purpose f opt come and sitting there.

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