BA English Online: 2nd Lecture, The Killers, Short Story

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In our 2nd Lecture of the short story The Killers, We will discuss about the

  • Behavior of the killers , their eating style
  • Controlling all the situation of the lunch room
  • Threatening way to all the members of lunchroom
  • Arranging the members of lunchroom according to their plans
  • Keeping Hostile Sam(the Cook) and Nick Adams
  • Making fun of the members of lunchroom:

The Killers after having demanded the wrong and improper dishes for themselves, now they made fun of the staff of lunch room in very leisurely manner, as they had no fear at all. They also show their behavior in very awkward and ill-mannered way to the members of lunch room and now when they got their required dishes, they began to eat with their gloves, also surprised the staff how are they eating and created doubts for their characters to the members of lunchroom. Their manners showed that they were the master of lunchroom and running according to their own will and wish. When George watched them eating in this way, suddenly Max threatened him to observe and watch in this way, shows their bitter and ridiculous behavior towards the members of lunchroom.    After sometime Al called the Sam the Nigger from Kitchen and then with Nick returned to the kitchen and then tied them with towel back to back each other like a couple of girl friends in the convent.

This thing made the environment horrible when the staff was made hostage by them. They also threatened them but also made fun of them in this situation make this story full of suspense and horror.

Now watch the Video Lecture of the story with complete translation and critical comments

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