BA English Notes: Write A Note On Love-Hate Relationship Between Giovanni and Beatrice

Write A Note On Love-Hate Relationship Between Giovanni and Beatrice:


Write a Note on Love-Hate Meetings Between Giovanni and Beatrice:  


‘Rappaccini’s Daughter’ is Tragic Love Story. Discuss.

Answer: ‘Rappaccini’s Daughter’ is a love story. Giovanni and Beatrice are the main character of the story. Whole story moves round between these two characters. Giovanni, a student of medicine in university of Padua, came from southern part of Italy and hired ill-furnished room above the garden of Rappaccini. There he saw a beautiful figure Beatrice and fell in love at first sight. Beatrice, a young, energetic, very beautiful, (she was as beautiful as dawn) woman, was the daughter of Dr. Rappaccini. She met with Giovanni, during observations of poisonous plants, under the window of Giovanni’s house that opened into the garden. Beatrice too began to like Giovanni. Lisabetta showed him private entrance to Rappaccini’s garden. He was much excited to meet Beatrice in garden, her simplicity and innocence made Giovanni intoxicated in Beatrice’s love. Daily meetings were now their life. Giovanni was mad in love with Beatrice. “He felt that he had put himself within the influence of a strange power by the words which he had exchanged with Beatrice.” Sometime Giovanni tried to cross the limits but Beatrice grew so sad that not a spoken word needed to stop her. If by chance he failed to reach in time, “she stood behind the window and called her in her rich voice: ‘Giovanni! Giovanni! Why do you delay? Come down!’ And down he hurried into that heaven of poisonous flowers.”

Once Giovanni had surprise visit to Giovanni’s house and feeling, lest he should have become poisonous in hand of Beatrice, told him secret about Beatrice to be poisonous. He also indicated him that poison in himself. Giovanni grew pale and did not believe Baglioni’s remarks but Dr. Baglioni also gave have antidote to give his beloved and hope fully await the result. In routine meeting, Giovanni first became furious and blamed Beatrice to make him poisonous too. Beatrice heart broke to listen this. She told Giovanni, “It is my father’s deadly science! No, no, Giovanni it was not I! Never! Never! I dreamed only to love you and be with you a little time, Giovanni, believe it, though my body be fed with poison, my spirit is God’s creature, and needs love as its daily food.” Giovanni gave her antidote and said, “Shall we not drink it together, and thus be freed from evil.” Beatrice replied, “Give it to me… I will drink; but do you await the result.” She drank and died at the feet of Giovanni and her father saying to her father, “I would have been loved, not feared.”

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