BA English Notes: The New Constitution: What Were Ustad Mangu’s Expectations About New Constitution?

The New Constitution: Question about Ustad Mangu’s Expectations about The New Constitution

What Type Of Changes Ustad Mangu Wanted To See In India?                                                Or

How was Ustad Mangu disillusioned with New Constitution?


How Did Ustad Mangu feel When His Hopes And Expectations Were Not Fulfilled?


What Were Ustad Mangu’s Expectations About New Constitution?

What Were Ustad Mangu’s Feelings on 1st April?


Answer: Ustad Mangu, central character of the story; hated the gora soldiers very much. He always hoped and wished to be introduced new law in India to get rid of the Indians from atrocities of British. At last, his wish fulfilled when he got many types of information about new constitution. On 1st April morning, set his Tonga to witness the implementation of new constitution with his own eyes. “He was extraordinarily (غیر معمولی طور پر) happy today because he was going to witness with his won eyes the coming of the new constitution.”

In the morning fog, when he was on the way he saw every thing old, but “he wanted to see colorful and light.” The lampposts looked the same. The shop signs had nothing changed. He consoled (تسلی دینا) himself thinking, “Perhaps it was too late in the morning.”  In front of the gate of Government College, he saw students walking in through the main entrance were all nicely dressed but they too, looked shabby to Ustad Mangu. “He wanted to see something colorful and dramatic.”  There were crowed of people in sweetmeat stalls, and general traders were busy with their customers. “However, none of this had any interest whatsoever for Ustad Mangu. He wanted to see the new constitution as clearly as he could see his horse.”

His illusion (نظری دھوکا)came to an end when he saw gora soldier, who insulted him a year before and bore his insulted silently then, but now he decided to beat him under the illusion that he had equal rights after the enforcement(نافذالعمل) of new constitution. But he was surprised, when he was locked up. 

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