BA English Notes: Rappaccini’s Daughter, There is war between kindness and wickedness. Discuss:

Last Question of the Story  Rappaccini’s Daughter

There is conflict between health and un-health. Elaboratein the light of Rappaccini’s Daughter:                             Or

There is war between kindness and wickedness. Discuss in the light of Rappaccini’s Daughter:


Who is victorious or winner of the story? Explain in the light of Rappaccini’s Daughter.

Answer.        The story “Rappaccini’s Daughter” is a fantasy in which the writer draws our attention to two main characters, a Dr. Rappaccini and Dr. Baglioni. Dr. Rappaccini, who had a craze to grow poisonous plants in his garden, wanted to destroy (تباہ کرنا) nature and human being for his own interests. He made many experiments and grew new kinds of plants, more powerful than found in nature. “For he has spent lifetime in such studies and this garden is his world.” He even did not save his daughter for his experiments. His craze and love was not for human benefits but for destruction (تباہی) of human beings. “That he cares more for science than for mankind.” When he saw Giovanni watching in the garden he decided to select Giovanni for his new experiments.

During second meeting between Baglioni and Giovanni, Dr. Baglioni suddenly judged Dr. Rappaccini’s style on watching to Giovanni for his experiments, Dr. Baglioni, promptly, told Giovanni “he has seen you! He must have seen you!”…for some purpose or other, this man of science is making study of you. Giovanni, upon my life, you are the subjects of one of Rappaccini’s experiment.” Although, Giovanni did not agree with Dr. Baglioni, yet Dr. Baglioni determined (پختہ ارادہ کیا) to save his Giovanni as well whole human beings. He said to himself,” This must not be…The youth is the son of my old friend, and must not come to any harm.”

 At last Baglioni‘s sudden visit and discovering the secret about him to be poisonous, made Giovanni much upset. At this moment, Baglioni gave him antidote to save Beatrice. Beatrice got that antidote, drank it; at the same moment Dr. Rappaccini came to celebrate his triumph of experiment, but it was too late to save Beatrice. She died at the feet of her father and Giovanni saying to her father, “I would rather have been loved, not feared”.

Therefore, we conclude that Rappaccini tried to destroy the nature and human being in his experiments but failed and even lost his own daughter. Baglioni, who was tried to save human being saved Giovanni from hands of Rappaccini and became winner of the story or hero of the story saying to Rappaccini in last line on tone of terror, “Rappaccini! Rappaccini! And is this the result of your experiment.”         

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