BA English Notes: Rappaccini’s Daughter: What is the Theme of the Story?

what is the theme of the Rappaccini’s Daughter?


What is the moral lesson of the Rappaccini’s Daughter?

Answer The theme of the story “Rappaccini’s Daughter” is that we should not try to change the course of nature. This try is bound to fail however hard effort we put in this regard. If anybody tries to destroy the nature with his own power, nature gets revenge from him and he is destroyed by nature himself. The writer wants to emphasize (زور دینا) the importance of love and knowledge in human life. He wants to show that man should acquire (حاصل کرنا) constructive (تعمیری) and beneficial kind of knowledge that can promote human welfare and happiness. Our scientists and researchers should also use their talent for the betterment and service of humanity. We should not indulge in unhealthy and dangerous kind of interests and activities that disturb the system of nature and cause unhappiness and destruction in the world.

The misguided scientists invent dangerous weapons, chemical gases and poisonous materials to destroy humankind. Dr. Rappaccini was one of such scientists who were interested in making man more dangerous and fearful than the other. His research aimed at acquiring of knowledge of power and destructive (تخریبی) capacity. He had succeeded growing poisonous plants and poisoning the body of his own daughter who was sweet and innocent creature. She was so poisonous that fresh flowers withered in her hand and insects died by her breadth. She also made Giovanni poisonous. The real aim of Dr. Rappaccini failed when Beatrice drank antidote (تریاق ِزہر) and died at the feet of her father.

The story teaches us the moral lesson that we should love other and work for the benefit of men. Beatrice’s last words also give us the same message “I would rather have been loved, not feared”.

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