BA English Notes: Rappaccini’s Daughter, How did Dr. Rappaccini trap Giovanni for his own research? Discuss.

Rappaccini’s Daughter

Giovanni is no more than a pawn on the chessboard of Dr. Rappaccini’s research. Comment: (Punjab university. 2007).


How did Dr. Rappaccini trap Giovanni for his own research? Discuss.


Explain these lines. Beyond a doubt you have been selected as the material of some new experiment, perhaps the result is to be death, perhaps it is a fate more awful, still Rappaccini, with what he calls the interest of science before his eyes will hesitate nothing.”


Answer:      Giovanni was student of medicine at the University of Padua. He was too poor to get good house. Therefore, he allowed himself to hire an ill-furnished house above Rappaccini’s garden. During the observations, when Dr. Rappaccini and Beatrice were working among plants, the watch full eyes of Dr. Rappaccini caught Giovanni’s face and he decided to accomplish (تکمیل)his poisonous and destructive lust(تخریبی حّوس). He gave full opportunities to Beatrice to meet and conversate with Giovanni, who met him, unintentionally اتفاقا but did not know that Giovanni would mad in love at his first sight to that innocent girl. He also used Lisabetta, the maidservant of that building, a very greedy woman. During the second meeting of Giovanni with Baglioni, a very wise doctor, when they were talking “ there came a man in black along the street, moving like a person in poor health, as he passed, this person exchanged (تبادلہ کیا)a cold and distant greeting with Baglioni, but fixed his eyes upon Giovanni.” Dr. Baglioni at once judged and told Giovanni, “he has seen you; he must have seen you…. for some purpose or other, this man of science is making a study of you. I know that look of his! Signor, Giovanni, upon my life, you are the subject of one of Rappaccini’s experiments.” Giovanni who was now full of mad in love with Beatrice did not convince on Dr .Baglioni’s remarks and went forward in unspeakable terror. He met with Beatrice daily and became poisonous. During their meeting, Dr. Rappaccini observed (مشاہدہ کیا) everything. Lisabetta had also played her role for Dr. Rappaccini and showed him private entrance to the poisonous garden. Giovanni also became poisonous, gradually, but he could not feel.

Dr. Baglioni, in his last meeting also judged that Dr. Rappaccini was using Giovanni in purpose of increasing fatal (خطرناک) knowledge, so he decided to save Giovanni. In his last meeting with Giovanni, Dr. Rappaccini proved Giovanni to become also poisonous and gave him antidote (تریاقِ زہر) to saying, “it is not yet too late to save you. Possibly we may even succeed in bringing back this unfortunate child with the limits of ordinary nature, from which her father’s madness has separated (الگ کردیا) her.” Here Giovanni knew that he had also become poisonous and it was only due to Beatrice poisonous breath. He anguished with Beatrice and blamed her to make him also poisonous but she proved herself innocent and faithful by drinking antidote and dying at feet of Giovanni. At the time of death of Beatrice, Dr. Rappaccini came and told about his purpose, but it was too late to save Beatrice from death.

Therefore, we find that Giovanni was no more than a pawn on the chessboard which dr. Rappaccini used at different stages to accomplish (تکمیل کرنا) his desire and lust.

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