BA English Notes: Poem, Women Work Critical comments

Women Work Critical Comments

Maya Angelou, the poetess of this poem, is discussing a very critical topic on women. Although, the poetess is discussing a particular woman, yet these are the problems of every domestic woman in the world. It makes a demolish (destroy) women like Shelly,

                                    O lift me as a wave, a leaf, a cloud,

                                    I fall upon the thorns of life, I bled.

Gasping under the unbearable burden of her drab life, she sighs every moment and cries every second. Every new load is to squeeze (press)) her nerves and energies. She tells that she is confined for she has a large family to manage. Children there and she has to dress them. She has to do a lot of domestic work without any help. She has to mend the clothes, clean the floor, buy the food, fry everything, serve the family members, clean the garden, cut the cane and clean the hut. She has to do all the domestic work without any help. This routine life has wrecked (destroyed) her nerves. So she wants to fly on the wings of untamed and wild nature that she might break her own chains and in her dreams. She does the deed to make nature her own. All the natural objects sun, rain, sky, mountain, oceans, leaf and stone, star shine and moon glow are her companions.      

            By chiseling a domesticated women’s character that longs for the materialism of her dreams, the poetess depicts human spirit of progress and advancement for it is never satisfied with what it has. It is dull and drab routine of mechanical life that pinches (dashes) her and she wishes to relish the open world of nature.

The tone of the poet is serious. The mood of the poem is also serious. She has used everyday diction. The poem is subjective. The poetess breaks the regular rhyme-scheme of the stanzas that describes the chaos in her life as well as the emotionality of her character. She takes refuge in her dreamland which liberates her from the cruel shackles of her domestic shores as she sees everything exhausting her.    

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