BA English Notes: Patriot into Traitor Critical Comments

Patriot into Traitor Critical Comments

The tragedy of the contemporary third world countries of the labeling of a patriot as a traitor has prophetically been delineated by Browning. Robert Browning is an eminent Victorian poet. Through his dramatic monologue in Patriot into Traitorhe has captured the mood of disillusioned and frustration of the leader who was considered a hero yesterday, but due to an unfortunate upheaval (disturbance), he has been branded as traitor. His tragic down fall is pitiable. He is now condemned by the people. He hopefully waits for the day of judgment of God to redeem him.

Infect, Browning makes us conscious of the contemporary political scene. It is turmoil and treacherous. This routine is popular in the third world countries. Whenever these down falls come, there is institution instability and economic insecurity.

The Patriot into Traitor is divided into two parts. The first three stanzas are the discussion of his glory, while the remaining three stanzas narrate its end. Although, the leader is quite disturbed, yet he is hopeful about his end. As usual the dramatic monologue ends with Browning’s optimism.

The tone of the poet is sad and serious. The mood of the poem is also serious. The diction of the poem is bit difficult. The syntax of the poem is well. The poem is in six stanzas of five lines each. The rhyme scheme is ab. ab. a. the poem is subjective. The poet has used both the monosyllable and polysyllable words. This is a great dramatic monologue by browning.

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