Multi-Topic Essay on Social Evils:

Essay on Social Evils:

This is very important essay on Social Evils, in which you can make more than 40 essays and just adding proper word from such topics given under, you can write Essay on Social Evils.

  1. 2. Unemployment. 3. Smuggling. 4. Inflation 5. Dearness. 6 soaring prices 7. Over-population 8. Poverty. 9. Drugs 10. Traffic problem. 11. Terrorism. 12. Mass crisis. 13. Bribery 14. Self- reliance. 15. Nepotism 16. Accountability 17. Tax invasion 18. Dowry. 19. Violence 20. Debt Problem. 21. Load shedding 22. Inflated telephone-gas-electricity bills. 23. Despair. 24. Depression. 25. Black marketing 26. Horse trading in assemblies 27. Leg pulling 28. Hoarding. 29. Indiscipline. 30 injustices 31. Hypocrisy. 32. Favoritism. 33. Political instability 34. Provincialism 35. Insecurity 36. Regionalism. 37. Street crime. 38. Religious violence 39. Suicide Attacks. 40. Misuse of mobiles.               

Out Lines:

  1. 1. Introduction:
  2. the evil impact and implication of______________________
  3. ________________breeds most of social and economic problems.
  4. causes of _____________________
  5. Solutions:
  6. conclusion:  


_____________has become one of the most embarrassing (پریشان کن) problems all over the world especially third world country like Pakistan. It is replete (بھری ہوی) with dangers of destructive (تباہ کن) aspects. _____________not only demoralizes and destabilizes a nation but also creates uncertainty (بے چینیand insecurity among the masses. If_____________ creeps (آہستہ سے داخل ہونا) in a society; it eats inner strength, outer splendor(وقار), economic prosperity(خوشحالی) and social peace of a nation. The damage done is not only immediate (فورًا) but also far-reaching (ُدوررس). Consequently (نتیجتًا, a nation’s good image is spoiled all over the world.

People feel insecurity and keep thinking about it all the time. ————–no doubt, spread discontentment in the society and ultimately a nation good imaged gets spoiled in the world. If it is not properly checked, judicial moral and economic system of the nation is destroyed, William Golding rightly says,” Man produces evil as bee produces honey”.

Wide spread disappointment (مایوسی) in the common people owes (مرعون منت) this bad practice. It is like white ant that is eating away national health and unity un-noticeably. The unchecked spread of ______________ has broken down moral and economic pillars (ستونؕبنیادیں) of a nation. ______________ is highly harmful and devastating for country like Pakistan. It is destroying economic and political stability (استحکام). If the evil of ______________ is not nipped in the bud (جڑسے اکھاڑنا), it may spread rapidly like a bush fire and may swallow up the whole nation or region like an epidemic(وبایٔ. It deprives people mental, physical, moral, economic health and territorial integrity.

Every peace loving who longs (خواہش رکھنا) and dreams for peace, prosperity and protection must ponder over (غوروفکر کرنا) the cause of the social cancer of ________________. The main causes are illiteracy, miserable poverty, and long policies of government, instability; desire and lust) (ہّوسto accumulate wealth and become rich over night. Cultural, social, and regional diversities also breed the confrontation (چپقلش) among the people. Feudalism (اجارہ داری), uneven distribution of wealth and lack of education and health facilities also pave the way to spread______________ in a society. External factors like involvement of foreign agencies are also spreading _____________in the country.

An elaborate (مفصّل) system of control is needed to check ______________. An organized committee should also be set up and provided with sufficient resources. Government Authorities, NGO’s and National Mass Media should also take necessary steps at their levels to uproot the graving menace of _________________. The accusers should be given exemplary sentences (punishments). It is only that we can eradicate this social evil form our society.              

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