BA English Notes: New Year Resolutions, Explanation

New Year Resolution:

Elizabeth Swell 

Explanation lines (1-3)

Reference: These lines have been taken for the poem “New Year Resolutions” written by Elizabeth Swell.

Context: The poetess writes about the New Year resolutions before start of the New Year. The process of self-examination ennobles and purifies one’s soul. The poetess wants to take stock of her past misdeeds and wrong flaws (غلطیاں) in reaction manner. She wants to lead a perfect and better life than previous year.


The poetess, Elizabeth Swell is making an extra ordinary resolution at the arrival of the New Year. She will drink long draughts of silence to clean herself. She will not drink the draughts of wine. The poetess does not want to celebrate the New Year night according to the western culture but she will try to be scared (پریشان، خوفزدہ). She wants to be pure and cultured. Silence is the best way by talking to others.

Actually, poetess is criticizing western culture that enjoys and celebrates New Year nights in dancing clubs with different kinds of drinks. It cannot give spiritual relief, it is hidden in silence.

Explanation lines (4-6)

Reference: The same as above:

Context: The same as above:


The poetess wishes to take stock (جمع کرنا) of her life. She is determined that she check herself twice daily twice daily. She will possibly check herself in the morning or at night. In the morning, before starting her work, she will look at her progress and her deeds. Any thing, which is checked twice in daily, cannot be faulty.

The poetess wants to purify herself from all previous sin, blunders and mistakes because she wants to lead pure and clean life in next year. If a person checks himself twice daily he can get rid of all sins and mistakes.

Explanation lines (7-9)

Reference: The same as above:

Context: The same as above:


Poetess personifies reality. She is determined to face reality. Despite, she will lie with reality at night and be comfortable, but the poetess is determined that she will face reality. When she faces reality, she will be better, and there will be comfort drains from resolution fulfilled.

            Reality is always bitter and it very difficult to face reality. We feel poetess’ determination and resolution to face the reality.

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