BA English Notes: New Year Resolutions, Critical Comments:

Read deeply the Critical comments of New Year Resolutions


New Year is traditionally the time of making new resolution. Most of the people take stock of their lives and hope to be better,. They resolve to remove shortcomings (خامیاں) of their character and make vow to be better in future.

The New Year night is spent with enthusiasm (جوش) and zeal. (جذبہ)  In western countries wine is ordinary resolution at the arrival of the New Year. Unlike her great predecessors (آباءواجداد) who sees time either out of joint or New Year bringing nothing new in its pale and shriveled(کمزور، مُرجھائے ہوئے)  hands. Elizabeth warmly receives the New Year. She is standing at the threshold (دہلیز) of New Year, makes some resolutions. She makes them neither as an Agnostic (نا یقین کرنیوالی) who is ready to kick the bucket of life no as optimist (پُر امیدی) who foolishly determines to change the scheme of time and space. She will not drink wine, but take long draughts of silence for purgation (صفائی). It shows that she does not want to celebrate the New Year night in the traditional western way. It is said “silence is gold”. She will not join hustle and bustle of the New Year night in the night clubs. She will remain silent. The poetess is determined to check herself twice daily. She will look herself critically and try to remove all the flaws in her character.

Reality is always painful and as bitter as gull (احساسِ شرمندگی). She is aware that it is not easy to face reality, for reality is often unpleasant. The phrase ‘bony arms’ suggest the uncomfortable nature if reality for these is free from the flesh of deception (چالاکی، بے ایمانی); facing reality is like embracing a Skelton. Such an embrace is painful but the poetess is willing to go through this painful experience because this is the only way to get rid illusion (نظری فریب) and deceptions (دھوکا). She has personified reality.


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