BA English Notes: New Constitution: Why did Ustad Mangu hate the British Imperialism?

Notes of New Constitution

Why did Ustad Mangu hate the British Imperialism?  


Why did Indian hate the English?

Answer:        Ustad Mangu, central character of the story, who was an illiterate person, represents Indians who hated very much to the British and their imperialism. He was very renowned among his friends and they were well aware of his versatility.

“Ustad Mangu hated the British. He used to tell his friends that he hated them because they were ruling Hindustan against the will of the Indian and missed no opportunity to commit atrocities.”

Actually, the gora soldiers were responsible for Ustad Mangu’s rather low opinions. They used to treat him and Indians, as they were lower creature of God. It was only that reason that Ustad Mangu used to abuse them for many hours. He often used to say, “I can’t stand the sight of them, these human monkeys. The way they order you as if one was their father’s slave.” Ustad Mangu even could not see their faces and often called him ‘lepers’, ‘monkeys’, and ‘white mice’.

Actually, Ustad Mangu, who was representative of Indian, was completely fed up by their attitude with Indians, especially for Muslims. Their inhuman laws against Muslims were intolerable from Ustad Mangu. At last, his hatred decreased when he beat gora soldier who insulted him, though he was put behind the bar.

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