BA English Notes: New Constitution, How did Ustad Mangu get information of new constitution?


Answer: Ustad Mangu, central character, was much disturbed by British atrocities. He, anxiously, waited and hoped for new law to be implemented in India that would relieve Indians from gora soldiers.

One day he picked up two fares from district courts. He gathered from their conversation that there was going to be a new Act for India. They were discussing the Government of India Act 1935. They were moneylenders who were in town for litigation and were worried about there interests, therefore, Ustad Mangu did not like them.

One day he had two barristers at the back of his Tonga. They were arguing loudly about the new constitution. Although, Ustad Mangu unable to understand their conversation but he gathered from their conversation that they were opposing to the new constitution.

Exciting news, Ustad Mangu got from students of Government College who were very hopeful for new constitution. One of them said to his friend “I’m sure all of us will be able to lay our hands on something”. ‘I couldn’t agree more.’ ‘And, naturally, there going to be a reduction in the number of all these thousand of unemployed graduates.’

These types information gave Ustad Mangu new enthusiasm and he decided to celebrate new constitution on 1st April with great passion.

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