BA English Notes: The killers

The story is full of suspense. Discuss.

Answer: ‘The Killers’ is full of suspense horror and terror. Suspense, horror and terror prevail (چھا جانا) to reader’s mind in very initial stage, when the killers enter and sit at the counter despite (بجائے) dining chairs. Al and Max demand wrong dishes that are not available at proper time. It creates suspense to the reader. Both men are absolutely (مکمل طور پر) ignorant not only about that place but also about town. Al’s remarks “what do they call it?” is also shocks the reader that if they do not know about that place how they can reach to that place. Then we see their shocking (پریشان کردینے والی) eating habit, “both men ate with their gloves on.” It not only shocks George but also the reader. When the killers gag Nick and Sam in the kitchen without showing any purpose of making them hostage (قید), they feel terror and wonder. Nobody knows the critical situation that what is happening with him or her. They also create suspense after departing of killers without killing Ole Andreson, Nick goes to inform Ole, he shows no sign of any horror or wonder. Nick thinks, ‘May be it was just a bluff,’ but Ole himself confirms (تصدیق کرنا), ‘no. it ain’t just a bluff ’. This situation also creates suspense, Nick also wonders if Ole already knows, why does he not try to run away? The reader also feels suspense. Ole also does tell the reason of his killing.
So all these elements show, this story is full of suspense.

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