BA English Notes: The Killers, Question: Write a note on the dark picture of American Society in the Light of “The Killers”.

Write a note on the dark picture of Western Society in the Light of “The Killers”.

Answer:           No doubt, the story “The Killers” reflects dark picture of modern American society. Hemingway, successfully and tremendously (شاندار انداز سے), has portrayed (تصویر کشی کرنا) the picture of America and social condition of its people. When we read the story, we find that there is no hold of law and order in American society. Cheating, fraud and crime come to be on rise and government has failed to enforce the law property against criminals and killers. Killing is so common that people are killing each other not for money or for serious objects or motive (مقصد). Al and Max، who has no serious and personal conflict (کشمکش) with Ole Andreson, come to kill him and tell to George, “we’re killing him for a friend, Just to oblige (خوش کرنا) a friend.” The writer, in a way, questions the country’s social system, which allows murders to be committed easily. He also blames (الزام لگانا) the social condition, which promotes (اضافہ کرنا) crime. The reader also concludes (نتیجہ) the people who are being chased by killers are helpless when Nick advises Ole to inform (اطلاع دینا) police. Ole replies, “that wouldn’t do any good…it ain’t anything to do.” This is dark aspect of American society. Hemingway indirectly, criticizes the government, the judicial system and the law enforcing agencies. The story, in fact, is based on Hemingway’s philosophy of man’s dissatisfaction (عدم اطمینان) with himself. No one, seems to be satisfied with what he is and where he is? Sam, the cook even refuses to listen to any thing relating to Ole and says to nick, “I don’t even listen to it’. We also see that mostly people of America are very coward.  However, Al and Max do not able to kill Ole; yes, members of lunchroom are so horrified that they decide to leave the lunchroom and that place.

Therefore, we conclude that the story “The Killers” reflects some of darkest aspects (تاریک پہلو) of the modern American society.

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