BA English: Araby, Urdu Translation, Video Lecture No 1

This is seventh short story in BA English Punjab University. In this 1st video lecture of the short story Araby, we the writer tells us in story about his past and childhood age. When he lived and used to play with his friends in the dark street, after coming to school.  Initially, he portrays his area where he used to live and also tells about the barren garden and he used to go to the bazar with is aunt what kind of environment he saw in the bazar.

The the writer, beautifully explains he feelings of love in his adolescent age, when he fell in love with Managan’s sister. He was mad in love with her and often dreamed of her day and night, every time even in school, reading book, or even in those places that were not suitable for romance like, Church. This condition was intolerable to him, as some time he used to press hi palms and murmured O Love! O Love!

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