Araby Notes: What is Theme of the story?         

Araby is the story of human unhappiness illustrated through certain symbols. Explain.              Or

Bring out the symbolic significance of the story ‘Araby’. What moral lesson does it reach?                 Or

Describe briefly the effect of romantic love on the adolescent mind of the small boy.           Or

Why did the boy go to Araby? Describe his feelings before and after that visit.                                                Or

Give a brief account of the boy’s visit to Araby, the shopping center. How did it prove to be abortive? Or

Write a character sketch of the boy who loved Mangan’s sister.                                                            Or

Give your own estimate of the boy as a lover. How did his psychological and economic difficult combine together to make him dejected?                                      Or

Comment on the role and personality of the boy lover. Do you think he was a psychic case?

Answer: “The Araby” is a serious story that rings well before us the conflict between or dreams of adolescent period and the bitter and hard outside reality and resulting disillusionment. The narrator fell in love with the sister of his playmate. He was very passionate about is love but did not have chance to express before her.

The boy lover was an unfortunate child who had deprived of the love and affection of his parents. He was living with uncle and aunt who had no children of their own. He was emotionally suppressed child who felt lonely and love-thirsty. He had loving mind and romantic nature. All other things have no importance for him. He felt impatient to see her; she left such a deep impression upon his mind that he could not banish her thoughts from his mind. He wept and sighed to remember her. He had only one chance to talk to her. She only asked him ether he would go to Araby. He not only said that he would try but also promised her to bring a present for her.

After meeting, he remained upset and waited to weekend to go to bazaar. He lost interest in all the other things and thought all the time of going to bazaar. He got permission from his uncle after long patience he reached to station with little money. When he reached to bazaar, it was too late that most of the stalls were closed. He felt disillusioned. He failed in his intention to buy some gifts for his beloved.    

Actually, the boy had no courage and confidence to express his feelings of love to his beloved. In his first meeting, he did not know what to answer, so he promised her without thinking that either he would be able to fulfill promise. Therefore, he was shameful and tell us in the end about is feeling, “Gazing up into the darkness I saw myself as a creäture driven and derided by vanity; and my eyes burned with anguish and anger.”   

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