Araby: How did the young lover express his love with Mangan’s sister?   

Give a brief account of the love affair between the schoolboy and the beautiful girl. Or

Why did the boy lose interest in his studies?


Describe briefly the effect of romantic love on the adolescent mind of small boy:

Answer: The story ‘Araby’ tells us the impact of love on the mind of a small boy. The boy in the story was quite young but under the influence of modern civilization. The narrator started linking Mangan’s sister when he used to watch her standing at the doorsteps of her house. She used to come to call Mangan to his tea. He saw her in fascination standing at the door a distance. Slowly he started liking her, whereas it appears that she was unaware of his liking. He often stood on the railing of her house, visualizing his beloved to be standing on the balcony with her neck curved down and her hands resting on the railing. No doubt, she talked to him once but she did not talk about anything except Araby. She only asked him if he had seen Araby, the splendid bazaar close to the church of this name. She told him that she felt eager of seeing that shopping center, but could not go there due to a function at her school.

The boy promised to his sweetheart that he would bring something for her if he went to Araby. He waited impatiently for the arrival of Saturday and wished to jump over the intervening days. The narrator says, “The syllables of word Araby were called to me through the silence in which my soul luxuriated and cast an Eastern enchantment over me.” His mind was so enkindled by the short meeting that it remained busy all the time in weaving a web of romantic ideas about Araby. Therefore, we find that he was mad in love with Mangan’s sister in his adolescent age.    

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