All The World’s A Stage, Critical Comments

               The world’s a theater; the earth, a stage

                                 Plac’d in the midst; where both prince and page

                                   Both rich and poor, fool, wiseamn, base and high

                  All act their parts in life’s short tragedy.

All The World’s A Stage actually, is not a poem but it is an extract from Shakespeare’s comedy “As You Like It”.

William Shakespeare, the great dramatist of the world excels (shines) all in depicting man with the smallest quivering in the deepest recesses of his heart. He, in his superb way compares this world to a stage. The appearances here are taken to be real and the puppets are considered the sovereign beings while they have to act the role as assigned by the writer of the play. One has to enter here in accordance with the stipulate (required) time, play many roles as wish of the script write and leave stage as per writing on the scroll of fate. Every human being performs different allotted roles in his life. The deeper meaning is that of transience of life and brief span of fame or importance that we are as actors enjoy and then there are no more present.

The great dramatist observes everything very closely in the poem All The World’s A Stage. Man at the first stage is infant, then a school boy, lover, soldier, justice, old and very old. Every role has its own importance and beauty. There is no point in seven soles which is not close to our life. The cry of infant, the complaining nature of school boy and passions of a lover are touching. The last stage of man is full of pathos. His passions, ambitions and personality go away and he sinks into oblivion.

            The tone of the poet or dramatist is realistic. The mood is also realistic. The diction is understandable. The syntax is lose because it is not a poem but an extract of drama.

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