All The World a Stage, Critical Analysis and Explanation Video Lecture

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This is Video lecture of the poem All The World a Stage. All The World a Stage is very beautiful poem taken from William Shakespeare’s famous play “As you like it”. Shakespeare was born at Stratford-on-Avon in 1564 and died 1616. He is undoubtedly the greatest English dramatist and poet. He began writing at an early age had established a reputation for himself by acting and writing plays. His early works includes the poems “Venus and Adonis” and The Rape of Lucrece. The controversial sonnets like “to the dark lady” appeared in 1609. He acted in Ben Jonson;s “Every Man in his Humor” and probably played the part of the Ghost in his own ‘Hamlet’. The 18th century did not think much of Shakespeare as a dramatist. and his plays were adapted and changed to suit the taste of the age.

Shakespeare over in this poem All the World a Stage has masterfully described the stages of human life. The use of the imagery of acting and stage a recurrent one in Shakespeare, not only because he was dramatist, but also because himself an actor. He compares the world to a stage and all human beings to actors acting their allotted roles. The deeper meaning is that of the transience of life and the brief span of importance or fame that we as actors enjoy and ‘then are heard no more’ (Macbeth). The poet has divided life into seven stages spanning infancy to old age. Shakespeare’s profound knowledge of human life and acute observation can be seen here. The use of the word “creeping like snail” is a more than accurate description of the reluctance pf school-going children. The last stage of man’s life evokes a feeling of pathos all youthful passion spent, all ambition gone and man reduced to a mere shadow of himself, sinking into oblivion.

all the world a stage by Liaqat007

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