After Apple Picking Critical Comments


critical comments

After Apple Picking by Robert Frost, is a symbolic poem. The poet has expressed his feeling quite beautifully. The farmer is the spokesman of the poet. The farmer is picking the apples. He is collecting his harvest pf apples. He has had a wonderful harvest. There are ten thousand fruits to be picked. He is tired.

The fatigue coupled with the overpowering scent of apples makes him drowsy even before he falls to sleep. Robert Frost, the great American poet, has discussed this poem in symbolic level. Is the farmer the hibernation of the woodchuck? Or it is the sleep of death? All these possibilities are suggested, and the poet leaves the question unanswered. The reader has to draw his conclusion. As readers, we feel that the poet would like just some human sleep. On the other hand, sleep and death are sisters, and they have a strong relation.

The tone of the poet is serious and the mood is also serious. The diction is not easy to understand. The syntax of the poem is loose. The poem is subjective. The poet has used both the monosyllable and polysyllable words. A lot of symbols have been used in this poem. There is no rhyme scheme in this poem and it has written in the blank verse.

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