After Apple Picking, Critical Comments and Explanation, Video Lecture

After Apple Picking is very important poem written by Robert Frost. Robert Frost was born in 1874 and died 1963. The most American of the poets, he was first recognized as a poet not in his own country but abroad and his first two books were published in England. When the first set of poems came out the English reviews were captivated with Frost’s  unaffected Lyrics, his simple vocabulary and sharp observation. He developed a reputation for “Turning the Living Speech of men and women into poetry.

In the poem After Apple Picking, the world of reality and dreams is strangely intermingled. The poet was collecting his harvest of apples: he has had a wonderful harvest, “there were ten thousand thousand fruit to touch…” he now feels tired. The fatigue couples with the over -powering scent oafter apple picking f apples makes him drowsy and even before he falls to sleep, he knows what forms his dreams will take…he will see his load of apples, magnified, as it were, and he will hear the rumbling of apples empties out of their barrels. While relinquishing his hold on the conscious self, the poet wonders about the nature of sleep…  “Whatever sleep it is”. The question that poses itself is; “Is this sleep the ordinary, everyday sleep? Is it the sleep of death? All these possibilities are suggested and the poet leaves the question unanswered leaving the reader to draw his own conclusions. We feel that the poet would like it to be “just some  human sleep.

after apple picking by Liaqat007

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