A Poison Tree, The Poem Explanation and Critical Comments Video Lecture

A Poison Tree is very important poem in poetry section of BA English written by William Black. William B lack was born and died in 1827. He was as artist in addition to being poet. His famous works include Songs of Innocence, 1789, and Son of Experience, 1794.poison tree

A Poison Tree is build up on several contrasts, friend-foe; love; hate; trust; deceit. The poet talks of the nourishment of hatred. the process of nourishment is one that demands love and care_here this is used for a destructive purpose. Hatred is the outcome of a lack of trust; friends can forget and forgive, but enemies nurse their grudges, taking perverse pleasure in destroying each other. The use of the word “Apple”  is reminiscent of the Garden of Eden and the idea of temptation. Eve succumbed to the luscious looking fruit of the tree of Life and the wiles of Devil (Satan). So over here the enemy is tempted by “the apple bright”.

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