A Passion in The Desert, Urdu Translation and Critical Comments

This short story a passion in the desert is of course a dream in which a young soldier produces emotions of love and friendship for a female panther that too seems powerful relationship with him. The panther lead her life in the desert and is extremely pleased to see another living being near herself. The soldier escapes from the Arabs and takes shelter in her cave. In the start he is scared of her but later they build a master-pet relationship and his worry and anxiety is reduced to a large level from female panther.a passion in the desert

Their mutual relation itself is amazing but the show of different individual emotions by the panther looks even more outstanding. She reveals the emotions of real friendship, love, and a desire for the company. At the end she even reveals the powerful response due to the emotions of envy. This story looks an overstated demonstration of “pathetic fallacy”. The panther and her love provide us to an ideal place where there is no risk of wildlife but the natural feeling of uncertainty present in the living heart brings the soldier to kill his partner. Thus it becomes a long lasting repent in his heart after big misunderstanding and killing the innocent animal.

In the beginning of the story in the 1st lecture of the short story, a passion in the desert we see the a women with her boyfriend appear in the zoo and is surprised to see how a person tame such dangerous animal, when they have no passion of love in their nature, “”can he have tamed these animals to such a point as to be certain of their affa passion in the desertection for—-.” But here his boy friend try to convince her that it is natural thing and not so amazing as she is thinking. He explained in such away, “”You think that beasts are wholly without passions?……Quite the reverse; we can communicate to them all the vices arising in our own state of civilization.”

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