A Passion in the Desert, Lecture No 4

This is our 4th video lecture of the short story A passion in the desert. It is very interesting story almost love story in which writer beautifully elaborates the romantic touch of a Provencal with female panther.

We see in this lecture that now their love is in climax, and due to soldier’s love for painter, she was now fully involved with him. He expressed the beauty of panther same like a beauty of beautiful girl.   Once or twice, he tried to walk up and down to make escape from there, and panther let him go with her eyes just like faithful dog. But also he felt a strictness same like coquettish woman. “Indeed, the face of this solitary queen has something for the gaiety of a drunken Nero, she had satiated herself with blood, and she wanted to play”
He compared this beautiful animal with big Angora cat, a special specie of Cats for home. The soldier also reflected to see her mouth with blood that she was not hungry that is why she did not attack on the soldier at night, restored the soldier’s confidence and planning for the future.  He was busy now to tame her more things and to make her friend to save his life for more time. He got some amiable and imperceptible movements by waving her tail to accept his action of love.  “He took her paws and muzzle, played with her ears, rolled over on her back, stroke her warm, silky flanks. She let him do whatever he liked, and when he began to stroke the hair on her feet drew her claws in carefully.”

All the time with the relation of panther, the soldier also took one hand on his dagger, so that any dangerous action by this beast could tear him into pieces, and the precautionary measures were very necessary for him to save his life in this barren desert.

Now watch the lecture for more information of the short story a passion in the desert:

passion in the desert lecture no 4 by Liaqat007

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