A Passion in The Desert, Lecture No 5

In our last lecture of A Passion in the Desert, we see the intense relationship of Provencal with panther that now female panther was completely attached with the soldier. She played with him and he also enjoyed her companionship like his beloved. Once he tried to escape from this beast and ran away but he was about one fourth of mile away when he saw that the panther ran behind him and caught him with his sharp teeth and dragged him behind. This was her climax of love for him that forced him to return to the cave. “Feeling himself caught, he gave a shriek of alarm, the panther seized him with  her teeth by the collar, and, springing vigorously backward, drew him as if by magic out of the whirling sand.”

“Ah, Mignonne!”….we’re bound together for life and death”. He also compared her beauty with Mademoiselle saying “you are a nice a girl, aren’t you?

She played like a dog with its master , letting herself be rolled over, knocked about, and stroked, alternatively, sometime she herself would provoke the soldier, putting up her paw with a soliciting gesture.

But this relation came to an end with unspeakable tragedy and misunderstanding.   Most of time the soldier used to sleep but always thinking of escaping, he sacrificed his shirt to make a flag with his shirt and hung it on the top of the palm tree, whose foliage he had torn off,. He tied it with a stick for the mind that might not be blowing at the moment when the passing traveler was looking through the desert.  One day he saw a bird hovered in a bright day in the air, and panther, seeing that bird, growled deeply showing his hatred.

“My goodness! I do believe she’s jealous,…. the soul of Virginie must have passed into her body”. The Eagle disappeared into the air but the panther and solider looked each other with  full of meaning and the eyes of Panther flashed like lightning and shut tightly. she turned around as if enraged and with her sharp teeth caught hold the soldier’s leg, but thinking that panther would torn him, the soldier plunged the dagger into her throat and with a cry, the panther died.

Now watch the video lecture for more information about a passion in the desert:

passion in the desert lecture no 5 by Liaqat007

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