A Passion in The Desert, Lecture No 2, Critical Analysis & Urdu Translation

In our 2nd Lecture of A Passion in The Desert, we will see the progress of Provencal soldier, when he escaped and ran away from the custody of Arab soldiers and found a hill where he saw some palm tress with ripened dates. It was limitless desert and he cou
ld not find any sign of any living being. ” A fiery vapor rising in the sheets made a perpetual whirlwind splendor of hopeless purity, leaving naught for imagination to desire. Heaven and earth were on fire.”  When the Provencal saw that there was no boundary and he could not find any way to reach his soldiers, he was much worried and threw his arms around the trunk of one of the palm trees.

After sometime he began to weep thinking of definite death waiting for his in the wilderness of limitless desert. The he tried to cry in a very loud voice to judge the echo of his voice, but could not find any echo of his voice and his voice lost in the hollows of the hill. Sitting in solitude environment, he also remembered his past and some romantic and glorious days. Then he found a cave and though the signs a passion in the desert 2nd lecof past life from some inhabitants. This made him a spirit of new life and finding the ripe dates encourage to live for more time, and became very much optimist of his life.

He also found a spring on the hill and also thought of some desert animals and thinking this made him to prepare for dangers. So he cut one of the palm tree to make a shelter for himself. He was too much tired, that is why he slept very soon. It was mid of the night when he heard an extra ordinary noise. Then he felt the breathing and judged that was animal, but could not judge until the moon rose.He was completely terrified to feel the presence of the animal.

Now watch the video lecture of this story for more details and find what kind of animal was it.

passion in the desert lecture no 2 by Liaqat007

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