A Passion in The Desert, 3rd Lecture, Love Relation with The Female Panther

a passion in the desertIn our 3rd lecture of the short story A Passion in The Desert, we will see now many new things after the fear of death in this wilderness desert disappeared but now the new fear of sudden death by a wild desert beast was waiting for the soldier. In previous lecture we saw that the Provencal slept at night but his sleep was disturbed by the troubles voice of a beast. The French soldier determined to kill the animal with his scimitar but refrained from his such though fearing that if he could not kill the animal definitely he would be devoured by the animal, so he preferred to wait until the morning,when the morning started he could examine panther at muzzle was smeared with blood.

He judged that the female panther was not so hungry, and this thing encouraged him that he would not be attacked by the beast. So the soldier enhanced his courage to plan for the panther and how to save himself from this beast. Once the panther opened his eyes and observed her guest at his dwelling, but again she closed her eyes and put her paws with energy as if to stretch them and get rid of cramp.passion_in_the_desert

He decided to face the situation with courage and will fight till death if the panther attacked him. He also thought about the Arab soldiers and compared with this animal fear, as they would kill him before the day started if he did not run from their custody. at the morning the panther awoke and looked the soldier fixedly without moving. The soldier also watched her caressingly then passed his hand gently on the panther from head to tail and the panther waved her tail amiably t recognized his acceptance of love for him, but at same time he also put other hand to his scimitar for his safety. The soldier accomplished this flattery act again and again and the panther gave a catlike voice, but this voice was more powerful that cats.

Now watch the video Lecture of A Passion in The Desert for more details about this part of story in Urdu Translation:

passion in the desert lecture no 3 by Liaqat007

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