How did Matilda lead her life after the loss of necklace?  

Q No 3: How did Matilda lead her life after the loss of necklace?  


Matilda had to lead a life of sorrow and suffering after the loss of necklace. Discuss it. Or

How heroically Matilda faced bitter life after the loss of necklace.

Answer:     Matilda and Loisel both looked for the diamond necklace everywhere in their clothes. They did not have the number of taxicabs. They tried their best to find the lost necklace but all in vain.    After the loss of necklace, now the bitter life of Matilda was going to start. Madam Loisel and Loisel had to work hard to pay the debt. They arranged the debt from every kind of people.

To repay the loan, she had to work very hard. Her life became miserable and unhappy. “She did her part, however, ultimately, heroically.” She had to do chores herself. She had to disengage (فارغ کرنا) her maidservant. He rented a cheaper house. She learned the heavy cares of a household, the odious work of a kitchen. She washed the dishes, using her rosy nails. She took down the refuses to the street each morning and brought up the water. She stopped at each landing to breathe. She went to buy daily provisions (ضروریات) of life herself. In this way, she saved some money. “She clothed like a woman of the people; she went to the grocer’s, the butcher’s, and the fruiterer’s with her basket on her arm, shopping, haggling (حِّجت کرنا) to the last sou her miserable money.”

Her husband also worked as a blind horse. He too worked evening, putting the book of some merchants in order, and nights he often did copying at five sous a page.

Therefore, Matilda and her husband though led very miserable life, but they faced it courageously and bravely and paid all their debt with interests in ten years.

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