2nd lecture on Rappaccini’s Daughter

In the 2nd lecture on Rappaccini’s Daughter,  We Will Discuss about Giovanni’s passionate feeling of love for Beatrice Giovanni’s dreams and reality Giovanni’s confusion and conflict between love and fear  Magical spell of Beatrice’s personality and passionate feelings of Giovanni Giovanni’s 1st meeting with Dr. Bagloini, a famous doctor, very positive  character More information about Character of Rappaccini, his work, his passionate love with his science Dr. Bagloini’s negative comments for Rappaccini and Rappaccini’s dark face Bagloini’s warning for Giovanni to form wrong ideas of respecting a man who is more dangerous More information about Beatrice, her inner personality by the words of Bagloini Beatrice relation with magnificent plant,

2nd lecture Rappaccini’s daughter by Liaqat007

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