Science and Human Nature, Precis

Moral self-control, and external prohibition of harmful acts, are not adequate methods of dealing with our anarchic instincts. The reason they are inadequate is that these instincts are capable of many disguises as the Devil in medieval legend, and some of these disguises deceive even the elect. The only adequate method is to discover what are the needs of our instinctive nature, and then to search for the least harmful way of satisfying them. Since spontaneity is what is most thwarted by machine, the only thing that can be provided is opportunity, the use made of opportunity must be left to the initiative of the individual. No doubt, considerable expense would be involved but it would not be comparable to the expense of war. Understanding of human nature must be the basis of any real improvement in human life. Science has done wonders in mastering the laws of the physical world, but our own nature is much less understood, as yet than the nature of stars and electrons. When science learns to understand human nature, it will be able to bring happiness into our lives, which machines and the physical science have failed to create.
(i) Why are moral self-control, and external prohibition inadequate to deal with our anarchic instincts?
(ii) What is the adequate method of anarchic instincts?
(iii) What should be the basis of any real improvement in human life?
(iv) How can science help humanity to achieve happiness?
(v) Suggest a suitable title for the passage.
(vi) Make a précis of the passage.


  1. Being inadequate, moral self-control, and external prohibition is that instinct have the ability of many disguises.
  2. An adequate method must be less harmful, and it is to discover the need of instinctive nature.
  3. We should understand the human nature, is the basis of any real improvement in human life.
  4. By learning human nature, science is helpful to understand the human nature. It can bring happiness in our lives.
  5. A) When Science learns human nature: B) Science and Human Nature:
  6. Moral self-control and external restriction are improper ways to control our anarchist acts. Our instincts may misguide or deceive us. The adequate method is to discover our instinctive nature. Understanding the human nature, it must be based on of human welfare. Science can help humanity to understand the man and its nature to give him please and happiness. 

Science and Human nature by Liaqat007

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