Problems faced by a BA student:


  1. BA student is not a common student:
  2. BA student has to face many difficulties
  3. Some students only create a sense of difficulties
  4. Lack of proper tutor or guider
  5. BA student is not a Gordian knot

BA student is not a common student. When a student enters in graduation level, he feels a sense of superiority and responsibility. A student of graduation class is of 20 to 22 years old, and naturally, his age is full or new revolutionized dreams to do something marvelous. He has many ambitions, and that is why to work hard to fulfill his dreams. In this age, he wants to conquer the world. He never thinks about his defeat or fall of his life. That is the age, where he feels difficulties and problems when he sees an only positive side of his life and does not observe the dark side of his life.

A BA student has to face many challenges and hardships in this stage of his life. These difficulties can be, financial, social, moral and educational as well. During his educational term, he works hard to meet his goal and leaves no stone to meet his goals, studying day and night. He does not care anybody around him and seldom jealous from any other colleague, but only the craze to get good marks than his colleagues. When he does not find himself according to his hard work and according to his ambitions, he is disappointed and sometimes, becomes lazy and stubborn.

A male student especially has to face the financial issue, to support also his family, so finding his time with his job, creates many problems to him. He cannot manage his time to study as well as time to have the deep study for preparation of examination.

Sometimes, a BA student faces a lack of proper guidance and chooses such subjects that are not according to his capabilities or taste.  Sometimes his parents force his to choose the subjects according to their will, but he does not like such subjects. He has not the courage to express his issues for such subject to his parents, and that is why he/she does not pay attentions to these subjects properly and faces problems in examinations.

English is very tough subjects, but he does not find proper tutor or guider to tell him how to attempts such paper or how to prepare this subjects.   He does his self-study at home, and the results come in shape of a great problem in the examination when he does not understand what to write or what not to write in the paper.

No doubt, most of the BA students have such pressures and problems because most of the students in our country have to search suitable jobs after graduation to support their families. However, they should realize that they would get a good job, if they will able to get good marks in graduation. They can get good marks when they minimize the pressure of English subject. English is not a Gordian knot that cannot be tied. They can overcome this subject with little extra effort and proper guideline of his professional teacher or tutor.

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